Location: UFI FILTERS spa - Headquarter Via dell’Industria, 4 - 37060 NOGAROLE ROCCA (Verona) - ITALY

Employees: >4.000

Sector: Engineering

Job Opening

Relevant information

Technology, Innovation, Performance. This success story started in Italy in 1971 and continued with the global expansion which has resulted in UFI FILTERS becoming one of the world’s leaders in filtration with 18 industrial sites, 3 innovation centres, 54 commercial offices around the world. Thanks to its presence in many sectors, UFI filters are chosen by 6 out of 7 of the largest automobile manufacturers and by 7 out of 10 F1 teams.

We are looking for

- Junior Product Engineer- Internship - Chemical Test Engineer - Internship - Mechanical Test Engineer- Internship - HR Controller - Internship - Purchasing Agent - Internship

Why should candidates work for us?

Research, design, development and testing of new filter materials. We are constantly implementing new filtration solutions in our UFI Innovation Centres in Italy, China and India. State-of-the-art testing equipment capable of simulating real-world operational conditions. Dedicated pilot production plants. Sophisticated chemical-physical analytical investigation techniques. Scientific collaboration with universities – both Italian and abroad. These are the key points that allow us to develop tailor- made filter media for specific current customer requests and anticipate the evolution of filtration technology.

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