Location: Via Alta, 10

Marcon (VE)

Italia (HeadQuarters)

Employees: 300

Sector: Chemical industries

Job Opening

  • Marcon (VE) - IT
    Buyer junior

    San Marco Group ricerca per la sua sede centrale una risorsa da inserire in Stage presso il suo ufficio Acquisti, da inserire in un ambiente giovane, dinamico e fortemente innovativo. All’interno dell’ufficio la risorsa dovrà occuparsi di: - Seguire diversi progetti legati al portale fornitori - Partecipare attivamente all’organizzazione del Annual Supplier Conference di Gruppo - Fornire supporto alla gestione dei fornitori e dei processi negoziali - Fornire reporting ed analisi delle attività della funzione Cerchiamo figure giovani, in grado di inserirsi velocemente, pronti a farsi carico di responsabilità e con ottime doti organizzative e gestionali

    We are offering you: Graduate/trainee programs Thesis work Internship

    We are looking for: Graduate Bachelor Degree Graduate Master Degree


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Relevant information

San Marco Group Spa is a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of paints and varnishes for the professional building industry in Italy.
With a history that began eighty years ago, San Marco has succeeded in changing with the times and the market’s requirements, evolving into the benchmark company it is on the international scene today.
Established in 1937 in Treviso northern Italy, it can now vaunt 9 production and commercial sites in several countries, with a portfolio of some 6 brands.

We are looking for

We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic and motivated people with desire to prove its worth.
The area in which there will be new opportunities are:
– Marketing, with expertise in Graphic Design, Brand and E-commerce management
– HR and communication office
– Finance, Sales and Back Office
– Engineering, logistics and process analysis
– R&D


Why should candidates work for us?

You should work with us becouse we are a young and dynamic company. We focus on the professional growth of the employee and we want young people to have a real work experience.
We want those who come to work with us to take responsibility and put themselves totally out there.

Additional notes