Location: Via A. Volta 35, Veggiano (PD)
near to motorway exit of Grisignano

Employees: 60

Sector: Mechanical and electrical engineering

Job Opening

    Programmatore software ufficio di progettazione tecnico

    Ingegnere per lo studio preliminare di isole robotizzate e di automazione industriale. in particolare il candidato si occuperà di : comprendere le necessità del cliente e formulare una soluzione tecnica di isola robotizzata modellare la soluzione proposta al fine di comprendere produttività e tempi ciclo identificare le specifiche software preliminari e la componentistica elettrica

    We are offering you: Direct entry

    We are looking for: Graduate Bachelor Degree Graduate Master Degree


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Relevant information

The REA group has been working within the national industrial framework for over 30 years, starting as technological partners of the first European robot manufacturers, first in the traditional welding sector, to move then to all the other General Industry fields: from automotive to foundry, household appliances and so on, to the current interests, which include the plastic and glass industries.

Today REA has a staff of 60 employees capable of dealing with the main areas of a modern robotic automation company, giving particular attention to Research & Development, advanced design, technical plant maintenance and after-sale service engineers with proven sector experience.

Our mission is to always guarantee the highest quality levels, the most innovative products and the most accurate service, thanks to technological innovations and returns on investments in a short time.

The special attention of our marketing activities to the international markets, it leads us to reach a well targeted customer base, and to focus to the repetition of successful plants that can be replicated in the most advanced sectors.


We are looking for

In our Technical Design Department we are looking for profiles with technical training for the preliminary study of robotic islands and industrial automation. in particular, the candidate will deal with:
1) understand the customer’s needs and formulate a robotic island technical solution
2) model the proposed solution in order to understand productivity and cycle times identify preliminary software specifications and electrical components
The candidate will be supported in his training phase by senior staff and in any case always in a team work context.   
Required skills: flexibility, enthusiasm, initiative, passion for the industrial automation sector and knowledge of object-oriented programming languages.   Study plan with robotics and industrial automation exams will be considered as pluses






Why should candidates work for us?

We are a very innovative and technologically advanced company. We work by order and do not produce standard products.
Therefore our work is very varied and always driven to innovate our knowledge according to the most modern technologies.
The environment is young and collaborative with a lot of attention to professional growth and the human aspect.
For those who have initiative and are attracted by challenges, they will find a space where they can always express themselves with a view to respect and consistency with corporate strategies.

How to apply

by email you can send your CV at :

Additional notes