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Limacorporate S.p.A.
Via Nazionale, 52, Villanova di San Daniele, Udine 33038 , IT

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Sector: Health services

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LimaCorporate, world-renowned pioneers in the production of orthopedic implants, is a company dedicated to the development of groundbreaking products and services to advance patient care. Its innovative technological solutions are developed by an enthusiastic team of professionals committed to empowering surgeons toward improving patient outcomes from joint replacement surgery.

Fundamental to LimaCorporate’s drive to continuously reshape the evolution of orthopedics is its longstanding history of challenging the status quo. They are passionate about promoting progress across technologies leading to improved efficiency and increased productivity bringing cutting-edge products to market. With a team of more than 90 engineers heading research and product design, they are trailblazers in the field of orthopedic 3D printing.

From their Research & Innovation Center in San Daniele, Italy, to the Digital Technology hub in Knoxville, TN USA,  LimaCorporate is at the forefront of implant and digital technology focused on next-generation products, where the two teams work in sync across the ocean.

LimaCorporate’s patented Trabecular Titanium is just one of their technologies internationally recognized in orthopedics. 

This lightweight biomaterial, that develops a unique net geometric structure, is used extensively in reconstructive orthopedics and can only be generated using LimaCorporate’s proprietary 3D printing technology.  The Digital Specialists use AI and machine learning to advance the platform digital suite supporting all algorithms behind the LimaCorporate solutions.

Collaboration with surgeons is crucial for Smart SPACE, LimaCorporate’s industry-leading 3D digital pre-operative and intra-operative surgical management platform featuring new orthopedic technology and landscape-changing applications.

It allows surgeons to virtually plan and intraoperatively execute the plan through the support of a guidance sensors. Smart SPACE is designed to deliver performance and precision, driven and controlled by the surgeon’s own experience and expertise. It aims to provide a superior user experience while maintaining surgical flow without increasing operating time. LimaCorporate also developed the ProMade Design service, working with surgeons to produce custom-made solutions for their most complex orthopedic cases, developing unique 3D printed implants to accommodate specific patient’s needs.

At the core of LimaCorporate’s success are the most engaged, dynamic and motivated teams across the industry. This includes its relationships with a community of surgeons who share their expertise and advice, collaborate on product development, and nurture talent via medical education while improving surgical procedures.

From its very outset over 75 years ago, LimaCorporate has been driven by its desire to help people and society. Their vision, to continually transform orthopedics, is grounded in their design and engineering expertise. LimaCorporate continues at the forefront of advanced orthopedics, based on a fundamental commitment to precision and excellence, to advance patient-centered care. Headquartered in Italy, and operating in over 20 countries worldwide LimaCorporate leads with their common goal: to restore the eMOTION of MOTION in patients to improve their quality of life.

We are looking for

We are always looking for new talent. If you’re passionate and want to make the difference in people’s lives, at LimaCorporate you can.

We know that we have the power to change people’s lives with our work and this common goal never ceases to inspire us. That’s why we are always looking for passionate and enthusiast talents to go the extra mile and outdo ourselves. See our career opportunities and join our global family.

Why should candidates work for us?

If you dream of being a changemaker with a vision of building a better world, then LimaCorporate is the company for you.

We believe that movement is joy and enables us to connect with others. In everything we do, we are driven by our desire to restore the eMotion of Motion through orthopedics.

We know that we have the power to change people’s lives with our work, and this common goal never ceases to inspire us. That’s why we are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic talents that are ready to go the extra mile and outdo themselves.

We are inspired by diversity. Our employees are located in 24 offices around the world. They are enthusiastic, tirelessly innovating, and always looking for new possibilities. They stand out as pioneers who inspire change.

Training represents in LimaCorporate a strategic asset for the growth of the individual and it ensures the company a unique competitive advantage. In LimaCorporate, training is the tool through which any employee can grow, develop their talent and stimulate changes in the organization. Thanks to training, each employee has the opportunity to better their performance as well as the company’s. From the first days in LimaCorporate, each new colleague is provided with  structured on-the-job training and, each new manager is included in an onboarding program aimed at accelerating integration, effectiveness and exposure in the various sectors and departments of the company.

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